What We Do

We don't just create events; we create entertaining experiences!


Recording Studio

Have an idea, but don't know where to start...let us help!

Oak Island Creative brings years of experience and expertise to the table.  Everyone has great ideas, but only WE can make these ideas a reality.  Our consulting team will help you bring your idea from concept to fruition. How do we do this? By evaluating your demographic, target audience and environment to identify the right event elements and products... creating a truly customized experience. 

Each client is individual and we treat you as such…Let us customize your guest experience!

Our goal is to create results for you through creative design!

How do we achieve results?  By designing with your target objectives in mind and collaborating with you.  We pride ourselves on building long-lasting client partnerships.  

An important step in the design phase is to determine your goals.  Are you looking to increase attendance? Extend your season?  Provide a world class event that will be a force to improve your bottom line?  We can do it all!  We pride ourselves on bringing together our team member's diverse backgrounds to help design a well-rounded, all encompassing experience for your guests.  We like to say "We don't just create events, we create entertainment experiences".  

Some typical steps in our design processes are as follows:

Master Planning
Creative Concepts & Design
Event DNA
Event Branding
One-of-a-kind Product Design

Have an idea and need it brought to life? Oak Island produces tons of wowing effects, props, decor and experiential entertainment pieces. From startling effects... to beautiful decor... and everything in between... Oak Island brings amazing pieces to life from concept to reality!

Oak Island's Louisville headquarters has a full service recording studio where we record internal production projects and also book clients for studio time.  If you need anything from a recorded voice-over to a fully produced album of any type... our recording studio and world-class engineers can handle the job!


Scare Products
Holiday Creative
The Learning Log
Mirror Mazes International

Scare Products is a leading provider of haunting products that enhance your SCARES! Building on our experiences of creating hundreds of haunts around the country, our artists create one-of-a-kind and unique thrilling and chilling products, which will have your guests screaming out of your haunted attraction. Scare Products is your source for entertainment done fRight! www.scareproducts.com


What is the Learning Log?

Imagine a giant fallen tree, hollowed out and made safe for exploration by inquisitive minds.

Imagine a child’s perspective and their natural desire to learn from earth-level up.

Imagine the allure of walking through the middle of that behemoth tree trunk to discover and observe living insects, amphibians, rodents, reptiles, or arachnids from around the globe.

We imagined such a tree, and then... we built it. It’s called The Learning Log, and it opens up a fun, friendly and safe study of the living world around us from a child’s point-of-view!

After years of development, Oak Island introduces its very own infinity-illusion mirror maze which we believe is the new global standard in excellence.  These walkthrough attractions are absolutely incredible and will have your guests amazed... as no matter where they turn or what they do they will see the same endless reflections and images in all directions.

Our mazes are born of un-equaled precision-machined craftsmanship which leads to the ultimate geometric reflections and a true feeling of seeing infinity in all directions.  They are a complete attraction that comes with floor pieces, ceiling pieces, lighting, audio and wall panels that are finished on both sides, so the back of the panels are aesthetically pleasing.  Oak Island's mirror maze audio and lighting packages are wowing and absolutely incredible.

We are the inventors of mirror maze safety systems and our mazes include advanced "safe fabrication" techniques and state-of-the-art shut down and exiting strategies in the event of an emergency.  

We offer several scenic treatments to choose from or we can customize one for you!

Mirror Mazes are a very profitable investment with minimal on-going expenses to operate them.  They can be very impactful when put into small spaces.  They are a great anchor attraction for FEC's, Festivals, Theme Parks, Malls and more!